Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another productive Saturday!

Lately Saturday's have been wonderful for me! I think that I am slowly realizing that I have less than 10 of them left until our little girl arrives (or 5 if she's anything like her big bro!)

We are still battling little mans early wake times so the alarm was up at 5:45 but he stayed put in the crib waiting for the light on his clock to go off at 6:15. Have I mentioned that the Little Tot Clock is the best invention ever? So we got in a few hours of play time and breakfast before waking daddy up at 8:30. We all stayed in bed for a bit watching Sesame Street and before I knew it.... I was asleep! I got in another hour of sleep and awoke to find my boys getting dressed for the gym. What a great surprise! I would have 2 hours of quiet time today before another 2 at nap time!

So I waved bye to the boys and got started... Spray painting the brass corners for our coffee table. I loved the brass but it was too much for me. I tried the Rub N Buff but it wasn't quite right either. So I turned to the trusty rust oleum hammered spray paints. I chose 2 colors for a more tarnished and worn look. I sprayed both the cornersand the tiny little screws. I actually tapped holes into a box using an ice pick so that I could easily spray the screws and it worked perfect! I let it all dry for an hour and then started attaching them. It was pretty easy and again I used the ice pick to start the holes on the table and then a tiny little screwdriver. I was very happy to find that they included a extra screw because of course I lost one! I also managed to get in a quick vacuuming of the floors and couches before the boys got home.

We had a nice lunch outside enjoying the spring like weather and then it was almost naptime. Luckily I remembered to have the hubby make a quick bed move in our guest room so that I could get some more done while they slept. Way back I made a headboard for our guest room in a somewhat boring linen color and the room really needed something else to make it pop... While visiting with my sis a week ago I stumbled upon an old West Elm duvet that she was. I longer using an snatched it up. It's a beautiful off white with a greenish gray stamped pattern that is the perfect contrast to the quilt and Ikat curtains we already had. Now the room just needs a coat of paint(like every other room in our house) and its good to go!

Fingers crossed for one. Ore project this evening.... And for improved Internet service to make chronicling the project possible!

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