Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Room Inspirations

As I started thinking about moving little man from his crib to a big boy bed in preparation for the new baby's arrival, I knew that I wanted to do something really fun! I literally spent months searching for just the right style of bed, theme, and bedding. Unfortunately, my taste and bank account never seem to agree! So I realized that a slight compromise was needed...

The Big Bed: growing up, my sis and I dreamed of sharing a room and having bunk beds. I am sure that any sibling that actually had to share a room would quickly disagree with me but what the heck! A bunk bed is what the little man is gonna get. We frequent our local Pottery Barn Kids for their weekly story times because it's a great way for us to get out and I interact with other kids and it's fun to check out all of their furniture, bedding, and bath stuff (not to. Emotion all of the fun toys!)

For as long as we have been going little man is all over the Camp bunk beds. I adore them in the navy but with a going rate over $1,200 dollars it just wasn't feasible. So I set out to find something in a much lower price especially since we have to buy 2 mattresses to go along with the beds! The best deal that I could find was at WalMart. Solid wood, dark finish, great reviews, and able to separate into 2 twin beds.... All for right at $200! Before I placed my order I checked Craig's List one last time and as luk would have it I found a great bunk bed made by Stanley Furniture for less than $200! The only catch is that the bed was a light colored pine which was pretty but just not my style. Immediately, my wheels started turning and I knew that a navy coat of paint would be just what the bed needed! We are about 2 days out from finishing this project and I can't wait to explain the transformation! In the meantime, here are some before shots.

Theme: Little man's nursery was the perfect combo of baby and fun to keep us all loving it for the last 2 years. Since the husband works in the shipping industry, a pirate theme was perfect for our little boy! And since it's a custom set (thanks mom!) it made me happy that he has a totally unique room. I wanted to incorporate some of the ship stuff into his new room but also wanted to add some new pieces to freshen it up. So I knew that a specific theme would not work so I decided to go for more of vintagey, collected feel. We're not there yet but loving it so far!

And the drum roll please..... The bedding! For me this is what really makes the room. I have been obsessed with Serena and Lily forever and they have the most amazing kids rooms that really work with my lack of a specific theme. Right away the Cabin Life set (cabin quilt and star print sheets) really jumped out at me. Again, budget did not approve especially since we needed 2 sets of sheets. I searched all over the Internet and found some other options but they were still pretty expensive. Around this time, I looked back at S&L and had 2 great realizations.... 1. Mixing the star sheets with another pattern or solid not only looks great but also helps with the cost. 2. S&L has a crazy sale about once a year and it just so happened That they marked down the chocolate star sheets to a discontinued price of $29!!!!!! I could not get them in my cart and ordered fast enough! Let me just say that these sheets are so soft and wonderful that I almost ordered a set for our king bed! For real, the S&L sheets are seriously worth the price! Unfortunately, the S&L quilts did not get a mark down so I was off to find another option. I found lots of quilts but I really the modern look and was really struggling trying to figure out what color. For once, I took my time and really looked everywhere...who would have thought my favorite store, Target, would provide my solution. On the kids bedding aisle they have a beautiful line of Circo quilts that are pick stitched and contrast lined! For real! They come in over 5 colors for boys and girls and I happened to catch them on sale for $25 per set (twin set = quilt + sham)! Major score! I settled on the charcoal gray quilt that reverses to gray and we had a color scheme.... Well almost. All we needed now was a contrast sheet set for the chocolate stars. The colors so far are chocolate, gray, and red. Throw in the navy bed and it's a lot going on so I narrowed the options down to solids sheets only. The obvious choice to me was a play on the navy bed. I knew finding the right volt of navy would be nearly impossible so I opted to look for a muted, worn color of blue. And again, Target to the rescue! On the same kid aisle, Circo Jersey Sheet set in Heather Blue on sale for $14. It literally took months to get this pulled together but I am thrilled with how it turned out and all for less than $100 (the S&L quilt alone for one was $180!)

The big reveal of getting the beds into the room is happening this week with pics! For the time being we have the 2 twin mattresses on the floor all made up and I must say that I love it!

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