Monday, January 16, 2012

Another busy weekend...

For once, I am actually happy that it's Monday. We had another busy weekend and I am so excited to get back on the weekday schedule! Saturday was spent knocking out a huge list of home projects to get us ready for little man moving into a big boy bed and the arrival of our little girl in a few short months. Sunday was a nice day spent with family celebrating your godsons baptism followed by a nice 2 hour nap for the whole family. The perfect way to end the weekend!

Breakdown of Saturday: 5:45am wake up call followed by blue Mickey mouse pancakes for the little man turned out to be a great start to the day. My mom picked him up just before 9 and our day was started... First on the list, prep and paint the new nursery. A while back Home Depot carried a wonderful brand of paint called FreshAire. It's no VOCs and covers great. We used it in little mans room way back when and just loved it. Sadly, Home Depot stopped carrying it nearly a year ago but luckily for me I happened to catch it when they were marking the paint down to $5 a gallon (which is a steal as it was well over $25 a gallon at full price). I scored several different colors and finishes and have been lazily waiting to paint something with them. A majority of the paint was a great neutral called Wave of Grain that was perfect for the nursery. So off we went, me rolling the walls and the husband trimming the room. I was shocked that we managed to knock the whole room out in a little over an hour! Check one complete. Changing table moved to nursery, twin mattresses moved into little mans room, bunk beds painted in milk paint and one coat of clear coat, and then all of the mess cleaned up and little mans room pit back together. Check 2-5! Finally at 5 pm we had finished and the little man came back home to check out his new digs. (more to come on his new room and the full bed makeover to come!)

I have got to say that even though the husband did most of the work, just helping with the 30% that I did totally exhausted me. While if feld wonderful to get so much accomplished, as I lay in bed Saturday night with horrible lower back pain I was wondering just how smart it was to be doing all of this at 28 weeks pregnant. Then I realized that I really need to keep moving and knocking everything out or else I will be 33 weeks, huge, and waddling around trying to get all of this stuff ready! So fingers crossed for more progress this week!

Below is the messy before picture - followed by 2 after shots with baby sissy's first real piece of furniture in the room!

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