Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hoarding is out in 2012... Closet day 2

I got a wonderful surprise this morning in the way of the hubby taking the little man to the gym for a few hours so that I could have some much needed alone time (and to let the little man burn off some steam since it was nearly 30 degrees this morning!)

I happened to pop on the Today Show while finishing up folding the laundry and heard some of the big ins and outs of 2012.  What do you know hoarding is out for 2012??? As I was putting away some of my clothes (translation- hanging the clothes on my closet door since I can't easily fit any more hanging clothes on the racks!) i realized that my closet just might classify me as a hoarder. So the task for Day 2 of the closet makeover is to objectively look at what I would really wear and give everything else away (or at least make a dent so that I have room to actually organize since it's not like I can try on any of the clothes and make sure they fit as nothing does since I nearly 7 months pregnant!)

Since the husband had to work tonight that was the perfect opportunity for some uninterrupted closet time and a mere 2 hours later I have made some progress. But the highlight of the night for me is a couple of classic finds that I feel compelled to share.

Find #1: A still tagged DVF dress circa 2003? Purchased while in Dallas for work on a great discount. Can I really give this away? I mean someday I will have the perfect occasion for this dress right?

Find #2: My Cache Tan Suede Jacket and Matching Skirt. The pic is worth a thousand words! I would look like a total cowgirl if I ever dared to wear them together! The jacket is headed out but the skirt will remain. I wore this paired with a simple black halter on the first 'big' date that I went on with my husband the night before a work/girls trip to Vegas.... I still say that he was trying to wine and dine me with a fancy dinner at Ruth's Chris so that I would do nothing but think about him while I was in Vegas with the girls! Turned out that his plan worked!

Finds #3-10: Hello. My name is Nikki and I am a hoarder. It has been 4+ months since I officially stopped working and nearly 18 months since I stopped going in to the office more than one day a week... so why in the world do I still have 7 pairs of black work pants??? And its not like I only black pants. 3 pairs of gray, 3 more pairs of pinstriped, 2 more khakis, and an infinite count of skirts too! The scary part is that right after I officially quit, I shipped 4 pairs of the newest ones to a friend down south! Okay so maybe I am not hoarder, maybe I have a shopping problem! I think that keeping 2 seems like a good compromise and the rest are headed down south to contribute to someone else's overflowing closet!

One bag down and it feels like a million more to go! Slowly making one step closer to an organized life (closet) in 2012!

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