Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year.... New Resolutions... New Outlet for me!

2011 was a great year for me filled with so many wonderful memories, accomplishments, and surprises. Topping the list: Jed's first birthday, 2nd anniversary of being married to my amazing hubby, becoming an aunt again, learning that we would be welcoming our own little girl in 2012, and finally putting in my notice at work and becoming a full time stay at home mom! Wow! I am so very much looking forward to the upcoming year and seeing what is in store for me and my growing family!

I love staying home with my son... I went back to work full time for about 11 weeks after he was born and I just really struggled with it. I ws lucky enough to have my mom take on his daily care for the brief time that I was working FT. For me, it was not a good fit. I missed my son and hated the idea of missing out on his daily activities, milestones, and smiles! I opted to move to a part time position that would be a reduction in hours (also reducing my pay, responsibilities, and title!) initially it was a great fit. I would go from being a director responsible for a team of people leading high level client training sessions and analytics working 60+ hours a week to a part time analyst logging 20-25 hours a week mostly while working from home. It sounded like the perfect option! I quickly learned that transitioning roles would be challenging to say the least. The biggest problem... I am a perfectionist. I cannot say no when asked to help out on a last minute project, training call, and whatever the request may be. My work ethic does not allow me to just say no! It took me nearly a year of trying to juggle what turned out to be 30+ hours per week all while my son was home with me full time. I spent every nap he took working or on a client call. I am not sure exactly when I realized that it was not working for me anymore. But I was working from home to be with my son and that was not happening. I am so blessed to say that it has been a wonderful feeling for the last 3 months to finally be a full time stay at home mom!

And the point of this long drawn out story leads me to why I have started this blog and chose to make my first post on January 1. I am immersed in Elmo, choo-choos, sippy cups, play dates, and trucks all day long. I try my best to do a fun activity with Jed every day and it's great for both him and me so neither of us get bored and it let's our creative minds run wild. Over the holidays, we cooked and painted over 4 dozen cookies in the month of December alone! However, I have found that cookies, coloring, play dough, and crafts still leave some desire for me. So here I am starting a blog about my creative pursuits that I accomplish while the little man is napping to help me keep my sanity!

So far on the list for early 2012: reupholstering my favorite club chair (it is super comfortable but a horrible blue floral print), milk painting Jed's new bunk beds, the full she-bang for little girls room (custom bedding using Serena and Lily / restoration hardware fabric thanks to moms sewing expertise!), adding black out liners to my newly completed kitchen drapes, DIY Hicks pendant ikea hack, and finally to finish off the under stairs 'playroom'. So hey- what better way to make sure I actually start and finish these projects than writing about them on a blog! Oh yeah, and since our little girl is due in April I have all of these projects on my radar to be completed before I add a newborn to the mix!

So here we go.... Cheers to a great 2012!

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