Thursday, January 5, 2012

Project Closet.... ADD!

Its a well known fact in my family that I have a pretty bad case of attention deficit disorder. There is a very old VHS tape that my parents and sister love to reference where my 3 year old self is literally bouncing around a very small inflatable pool like a pinball! My wild hysterics and chattering continue for a good 15 minutes as I flap around like a fish out of water. While I am now able to control my wild behavior (or at least keep it behind closed doors!) my mind still runs wild and I am very easily distracted. Add some major pregnancy brain to the mix and I am all over the board on what tasks need to be completed on a daily basis.

Today was a total wash thanks to an unwelcome 5:30am wake up call... And tomorrow we are heading out before noon for the weekend for a good friends wedding. So week 1 of blogging has been a success, however the closet project has hit a stall. I am feeling pretty overwhelmed about what to do next and how long it should really take to make this happen. Where do I go now?

After much thought, i have an idea that fingers croased will work! I think that what I need is a more structured plan with small tasks that I can check off when complete. I recently added a to do list app and think that this would be the perfect way to keep me motivated and making progress. So on the 3 hour car ride tomorrow I will be working on a detailed plan that I can follow to finally finish my closet.

But because I still need some instant gratification I am planning to mix in a few non organizing related projects. First on the list... DIY Serena and Lily Seychelles Chandelier (seen below... the catalog pic is much prettier showcasing it in a room!) I spotted it today in their new catalog and cannot stop thinking about how to put it all together and how perfect it would look in little girls room.

Okay - I feel so much better!

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