Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lots of projects completed..... And drum roll! We have INTERNET!

It's been a long and busy few weeks. This weekend is my baby shower and I had lots on my to do list to complete prior to it. So needless to say, lots of pictures and explanations will start next week! On the list: more roman shade DIYs and pics, shoe rack to entertainment center, big boy canvas art, super easy clothes pin art display, painting before and afters, and the baby sissy nursery reveal!

And because we finally have sable Internet service, I can finally add in some pictures to my older posts too!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DIY Roman Shades

Well, I finally decided on baby sissy's window decor of choice.... A patterned shade using the lilac peacock fabric! But since we have limited fabric and since it's expensive fabric at that, I thought that a test run would be a good idea. But what and where???

The little mans room is coming along so I thought that this would be the ideal test for me. I happened to have a couple of yards of chocolate brown printed map fabric that would work perfectly! And luckily I stumbled on this great explanation on how to use cheapie mini blinds to make roman shades!

LGN Sper Easy Roman Shades

A quick trip to Target and 3 sizes of $3.99 mini blinds later and I was ready to get started. I opted to go with the 36 inch size and to hang them outside of our window to give better coverage for blocking the light out. I also wanted to hang the shades above the actual window to give the illusion of a taller window so I used the full length and did not need to do any cutting of the cord length.

The cutting of the titling cording was a bit nerve racking and I was certain that I majorly messed them up... But I kept on moving forward and I did good! Just a few notes... If you go with the wider width there are actually 2 tilt chords to cut plus a middle cord for support unlike in Jenny's. Also I learned the hard way to make sure and measure the length of your fabric prior to starting. My beautiful map print fabric was only 59 inches long yet I needed the full length of 64 inches plus room for a top and bottom seam. Of course, I had already cut the width so I kept moving and improvised. I took one of the flat sheets in the heather navy and cut the needed length to add a panel at the bottom.

Below are some pics of the process and of my little helper!

I got the better part of the shade completed during a nap session and then had a wonderful little helper to help me with the gluing, measuring, and applying of cans to help the fabric dry and stick together.

So the shade is finishing drying tonight and will go up tomorrow with a big boy reveal to follow!

Also completed this week... The easiest rehab of a shoe racks into an entertainment console!