Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Inspired ideas... Closet day 3

During my son's nap time is when I have a few hours to work on my projects. I usually get a few hours of quiet time and today was no exception (nearly 3 hours to be exact!) Except I was limited on what I could do as the husband worked 15+ hours from 7pm to late this morning and he is holed up in bed sleeping which means no closet progress today.

So I decided to pop on HGTV and eat lunch with a little design inspiration via Candice Olson on Divine Design (episode 1409 to be exact). And what do you know they are converting a woman's gigantic walk in closet into a craft/art/sitting room? I must say that I am not sure if this would have been my choice but the idea of having some dedicated space for a computer, sewing machine, and just being able to shut the door and not worry about clearing off the kitchen table mid project for meals sounds amazing!

One of the many 'divine' ideas was a fabulous idea for mirrored closet doors. Candice used Wall Words to update the mirrored closet doors into an inspirational wall filled with quotes in a beautiful gilded gold. It got me to thinking about a huge mirror that we have waiting to be give away that came off the wall when we redid our bathrooms last year. Once I have access to my room, I am going to measure and keep my fingers crossed! The mirrors are on the far right in the above pic and it is somewhat hard to see but what a great idea!

Some other inspired ideas: a beautiful and fresh paint color, a new blinged out light fixture, hanging jewelry display, and maybe even a small bench or seating area!


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