Friday, January 20, 2012

Sugar and Spice and everything nice!

I spent the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy focusing on the plan for little man's big boy room.i am loving how it turned out and after a successful nap yesterday in the big bed we are well on our way to transitioning him out of the crib so we can move it over to baby sissys room.

I must say that when it came time to have our 16 week ultrasound that I was floored to hear that we are having a girl! I was very excited but just really shocked! I know boys and the idea of having a little girl was just so foreign to me! Needless to say once the I itial shock wore off,I jumped head first into nursery planning mode.

I grew up in a super pink Strawberry Shortcake room that I adored but somehow pink hasn't felt right to me since then. So I set off to find something girly and not pink. Of course, my ideal bedding would be Serena and Lily but the price just wasn't right. However, I still checked out their website and happened to stumble onto the perfect bedding, the Delphine Collection. A couple of problems though... It was not a crib bedding set, it was made for a girls room. And obviously the price! I happened to luck into finding the Heather Peacock fabric that made the bedding in their fabric section. Still pricey, but I had a plan to use it as an accent so I would not need much yardage. And luckily the Mocha Trellis pattern used in the bedding is made in a crib size sheet from their Nurser Basics group. Of course, this still left the bumpers and crib skirt but luckily my mom again volunteered to sew these for me if I could not find anything I liked. So I ordered samples of the 2 fabrics and kept working...

In November, we took a family trip up to the husbands parents mountain house in North Georgia and I planned a potty break for the Atlanta outlets which has a HUGE Restoration Hardware outlet store with a great baby section. Armed with my S&L swatches, I had high hopes of finding the perfect bumper and crib skirt for cheap! The prices were great but nothing seemed to match. So I veered slightly off course and started checking out the sheets and other bedding pieces when a beautiful pattern in a toddler duvet kept catching my eye. It is called silver sage scroll and it's a beautiful pale aqua silver color with the scrolls in the exact same color as the Mocha trellis sheet. The scroll pattern mimics a pattern on the peacock fabric but in a larger scale and it somehow works! Two toddler duvets and a solid silver sage duvet in sateen for only $12 each would become my bumpers and crib skirt! Success at last!

All of the fabric is ready to go to grandmas house to be sewed into a beautiful one of a kind bedding set for our little girl. Lucky for me, I only have one project to complete fabric wise for the room and that is the window covering. Originally, I was planning on a fabric covered black out shade but there are so many options that I can't commit!

Below are the S&L Mocha Trellis Crib Sheet, and RH Scroll (shown in Moses basket), and S&LDelphine Bedding

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