Monday, January 9, 2012

What a weekend... And looking forward to the week!

I learned quickly just how out of practice I am this past weekend... We headed down south for the wedding of good friends on Friday morning. We had a wonderful time and stayed up way too late and got up way too early both days! Thankfully, I had a partner in crime (another prego friend) to partake in Shirley temples and stalking down the good seats at the bars! But a full weekend of activities, fast food, and little sleep are taking their toll today. I spent the day in pajamas hanging with my little man (who came home from grandma's house looking like a little boy and speaking in 3 word sentences).

It just so happens that one of his favorite activities is hanging out in my closet... So I got the needed push to keep moving on the closet. Everything is hanging up. The drawers are now filled with the clothes that had been on the disaster shelving unit. 2 more bags packed up for goodwill. So now I am actually ready to follow the plan that I put together on Fridays drive (have I mentioned that I love my in laws who got me an iPad for Christmas?)

1. Being that I have 2 distinct parts of my wardrobe, I need to separate into maternity and non maternity. Right now, it's all mixed in across my two levels of hanging which requires a step ladder to get dressed.

2. From there, segment and hang by type. Jeans, pants, skirts, shirts.

3. And finally, segment by color.

4. Then it's time to look at the accessories.... Shoes, jewelry, belts, and scarves oh my! Fingers crossed that I can take advantage of some shelving ideas above. Y dresser so that it's all in sight and easy to access.

5. The fun part.... Make it all look pretty!

Before any of this happens, I have some minor changes that need to be made to the shelving set up. Thankfully we used the brilliant adjustable system when we installed my closet shelving after moving in.

As for the rest of the week... I have been dying to get a couple of other quick projects finished and will be checking those off Tuesday and Thursday so that I don't get to burned out on the organization... What can I say? I need some instant gratification!

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