Monday, January 23, 2012

Super Easy Lack Hack

When we moved into our new house after getting married (almost 3 years ago!!!) we took our time buying furniture but the first thing that we bought was an amazing down stuffed sectional couch. It is from Ballard Designs and it is the Baldwin style. The best part is that that it is slipcovered which a must with kids, pets, and husbands! Well, we carefully measured the room and made sure that the couch would fit... But wouldn't you know we forgot to measure if our coffee table would fit the sectional? And of course it didn't! So we had a wonderful new couch we loved and a beautiful almost new Pottery Barn coffee table and we had no clue what to do.because our sectional has a chaise on one end, we moved the coffee table to the side of that and used it likean end table for a while. We brought in a circular rattan ottoman to use as a coffee table and this worked for about a year.

But on a visit to Ikea, we stumbled upon a perfectly sized and priced option that allowed us remedy our coffee table situation. Enter the coffee table size square Ikea Lack table for $29.99 in the black/brown color! It's just the right size to hold 2 large baskets on the underneath shelf that easily hides a ton of kiddo toys and books.

The table has held up surprisingly well over the last year that we've had it but it is lacking (pun intended) in decorative appeal. So when I stumbled upon on this great Campaign DIY idea at Little Green Notebook, I knew it would be the perfect addition!

DIY Campaign

For less than $3 at our local Home Depot, I found the brass corners in a pack of 4 (they come with all of the needed hardware) and rushed home to see how they look. What a change! I opted to not add the corners on the feet of the table because with our carpeting you cant really see them anyways! I am wavering on using some good old Rub N Buff to tone down the brass a little bit. The corners are getting put on this afternoon so I need to make a decision!

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