Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jute Trimmed Lampshades

I finally found the perfect finishing touch to my lovely cobalt blue lamps with the painted shades. I argued with keeping the coral trim and even tried another color trim... but in the end the neutral won out!

It was a super easy DIY (my favorite kind!) that I literally completed in 5 minutes. I just had to pull off the existing coral trim and hot glue on the new jute ribbon. And voila ~ Totally new lampshade! An added bonus was that the coral trim was able to be reused for another project that will be seen very soon for the playroom.

I am beyond thrilled at how they turned out! And as you might be able to guess... they are no longer living in my Master Bedroom.  I found a much better home for them that is 2 quick projects away from a full reveal! Any guesses what room they ended up in?

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