Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hanging Paddle Hook Rack

Way back last year, I did this super cute DIY that I could not do anything with because we were just putting our house on the market and there was no use adding more holes to fill! It has taken me quite some time to figure out where the Hooked Paddle should go... I was hoping for the bathroom because it would be so cute with the nautical/pirate theme we have going. No dice on that - the wall space was limited with a linen closet.

We opted to hang it in Little Man's room. It was actually his idea! The paddle had been hiding in the aforementioned bathroom linen closet, until Little Man dragged it out. I loved the idea of him having a place where HE could hang up his towels, jackets, etc.

It is hanging partially behind his door at his height and he LOVES it! He is actually excited for naps and bed time because he gets to take his jammies of the hook to put them on :)

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  1. Hi there. I love this idea and am planning on doing it in our nursery. Can I ask what you used to hang the oar to the wall? Thank you!