Friday, May 31, 2013

Pinspired Outfit: Sort of DIY Ikat Shorts and Chambray

Yesterday pretty much sums up my week... Morning playdate, Fia naps for 10 minutes in the car while we drive there. Awesome time at festival in the park with new friends and a jump house, petting farm, sno cones, popcorn, and balloon animals! Poop on the my shoe to leave us all with a super smelly ride home. Dinner prepared (just need to pop it in the over), heading out to the local Farmer's Market, Little Man has to pee... and apparently so does the tube of sunscreen he flushed down the toilet :( TGIF!!!

So I found this adorable outfit on Pinterest... that I could not wait to link up for Get Pinspired

And why was I so excited about this outfit??? Because just this week, I FINALLY bought a chambray shirt!!! But back to this adorable outfit... I dug thru my closet trying to find some funky boho looking shorts to no avail. I was super bummed and was just about to give up when I remembered these.

I grabbed these for less than $20 at a Loft final sale last summer and have worn them once! Looking at the pic they look cute but in real life it was ALOT of pattern. So what did I do?

Yes... I cut these beautiful pants! Anyone that knew me in college knows that just about every day I was cutting or piecing stuff together :) Not much has changed!

I cuffed them and threw them on. And here is my outfit!

I really like it and I got this little bonus for my daring DIY...

I literally just stuffed a pillow filler inside one of the legs! So cute right? 

And some other news to report.... As you saw previously I recently became a consultant with Rodan & Fields here. I am so excited about all of these products that I have decided to add a special Skin Care Saturday post. Tune in if you want or just check me out during the week for my usual DIY and Design posts. 

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  1. what a great outfit!
    I can't believe you just made your own shorts! :)
    floral & fudge

    1. Funny right??? Love the shorts and my 2 new pillows!

  2. Oh my goodness! You are so creative! I love your new shorts AND pillows!

    The Fashionista Teacher

  3. Wow. I am SUPER impressed! What a great idea to cut off the pants...and the pillow is darling!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Sheaffer :)

    1. A little crazy - but I am loving it too :) Thanks for hosting!