Friday, May 3, 2013

Polka Dots & Shorts

Like the rest of the South, we got hit with these crazy springtime showers this week followed by a bit of a cool front. It still warms up in the afternoons but the mornings are slightly comfortable (not yet 85 degrees!) My mom outfit of late has been shorts with a thin jacket and flat sandals. It allows me to cool and then remove the jacket in the afternoon when the sun really gets cooking.

I turned to Pinterest to look for some more short friendly options and look what I stumbled on.... polka dots and jean shorts! My most comfy and worn in shorts are a pair of very worn in cuffed jean shorts. I love them!!! And they are from Forever 21 :)

I was surprised to see that I had both a long sleeve and tank top polka dot shirt. Yes, I need to clean and organize my closet! The above image of Kourtney K got me thinking about trying pink and khaki with the polka dots and I really liked it. I officially need a spring time khaki jacket!

And of course, red and polka dots is so classic! I like the added funk of the army green crop jacket and the animal print sandals. Thinking a chambray shirt would have rocked this too!

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