Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Space for Craft, Sewing, Blogging (aka. Mom's Office!)

I am not sure how I managed to luck into having a whole room to myself for just me! But I am thrilled beyond belief to have this happy place and also that it is 99% completed! I have been dying to share this space for a week now but I had one project that wasn't quite finished....

My 'office' as the kids like to say is upstairs right next to their play room. And there is a reason you have never really seen it before... It was the storage room for all of the furniture that had no where else to go! It was a mix match of prints, styles, and random pieces that really just needed a place to be hidden when we had people over. I don't really have a full before shot, but these below give you an idea of how messy and thrown together it was!

But now... I LOVE this room! I have a big smile whenever I walk up the stairs and see it. And even now at 5:30am, I am so happy to be sitting in my beautiful room typing this post! The color scheme for the room was chosen on a whim in Hobby Lobby! I had been going back and forth on what the heck I should do with this room. Nothing seemed right until I saw these 2 beautiful cotton duck fabric bolts sitting next to each other. The pink polka dots and the pink/blue/yellow ikat had me at hello! It was all so fun, girly, and funky! (Big thanks to the girls that are hosting the Style Soiree parties! This week's soiree is Kate Spade and I swear that seeing them set up this party gave me the needed push to jump into the pink and polka dots for this room!)

What I love best about this room is that almost everything was a DIY or a piece that we already had! Full source list at the bottom and I will be featuring the details behind the DIYs later this week and next.


Round Table - Shayne Table from PB
Rattan Basket on Table - WalMart
Baskets under Table - PB
Roll Arm Sofa - Ballard Designs (discontinued)
Pink Greek Key Pillow - DIY
Blue White Stripe Pillow - PB
Gray & White Greek Key Small Pillow - Calico Corners Fabric DIY
Parsons Desk used as Sewing Station (West Elm)
Metal Ampersand - RH Sale
Pink Polka Dot Magnet Board - Hobby Lobby fabric DIY
Cobalt Blue Desk Lamp - DIY
Fur Benches under Desk - DIY
Faux Wood Chair (West Elm)
Window Panels - Hobby Lobby Fabric DIY
Hanging Vinage Llama Rug (thanks mom!)


  1. Oh my- I just bought that exact same Ikat fabric and polka dot fabric from Hobby Lobby. I too was drawn in with the way the fabric paired together. Not quite sure where it is going yet... Your room turned out great and is definitely a great mom cave. Thanks for linking up!

    1. Great minds :) The fabric is awesome and it works with so many other colors! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. This looks AWESOME! WOuld you like to come over and create a space for me? I have a place that I regularly blog, but I don't have room for much else, and end up doing projects in the garage.

    1. Thanks Erin :) I am so excited to have this space that I can close the door to when I am mid project! Until now, I have always used the garage or kitchen table which drives me crazy!