Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Adding to the Play Room Gallery Wall

Awhile ago, we made some progress in the playroom by finally getting something up on the walls. I love the gallery wall because I was able to incorporate bright colors, unique objects, and use some of our frames and pics that were homeless.

I had one 11x14 frame that was still empty and I spent way too much time obsessing about what should fill it!

Little Man and I have been working on his alphabet lately. One of the crafts that we did to help him learn his letters used felt to make an object that starts with a letter. We started with A. So we used red felt to cut out an apple and then yellow felt to make the letter A. We added some more bling like a worm and a button as a worm hole!

It turned out so cute and the colors were just right for the playroom! I love it when things come together like that!

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