Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gallery Wall in the Playroom

I have been feeling especially motivated lately and slowly marking off items on the to-do list for the playroom (and lots of other rooms too!) 

I adore the look of a Gallery Wall and in the playroom I get to bring in some unique and quirky items which makes it even more fun! I like to find some unifying force for a Gallery Wall and it was a simple choice to go with a citrine and black color scheme. I shopped the house looking for items that were fun and would fit size, shape, and color wise.

I did pretty good and gathered six pieces to include on the wall. The seventh one was a recent Restoration Hardware steal that worked it's way into the Gallery after Little Man had some fun playing with it. Here are the pics with the details below. I normally lay out the items on the floor and then arrange them accordingly. Once I like the look, I use pieces of paper to get them aligned on the wall so I don't end up making a thousand million holes in the wall. I had the layout just about perfect on the floor when Little Man decided to help me by scattering all of the pieces around the room! Needless to say, there are alot of holes in this wall!

From Top Left (Clockwise):
DIY Framed London Paper from Ballard Designs - details here
RH Carpenter Folding Ruler - source (a steal at $4.49)
Dollar Store 11x14 frame - will soon be filled with a print!
Black and White Framed Print - Me and my BFF at the circus at the age of 4 :)
Antique Ships Wheel - from Little Mans nursery
Fish Print - Gift
DIY Chalk Clock (Little Man drew this 'target'!) - details here

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