Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Some tough decisions in the Master...

Once I got my inspiration  for my master, things started moving quickly! To refresh your memory...

The desk got moved in,  I was starting to look at paint, and I quickly ordered the shams Dwell Studio Magnus Kelly shams and the Ink Knotted Trellis pillow cases. I was so excited to get them that I had them shipped to my moms house since it would be torture to wait a whole 3 weeks to see them! They arrived before I even got there and my mom reported back that they were beautiful! I was a little concerned that the Ink cases might be more of a navy but they were a very dark gray that could read navy or black. Even better than black!

I then set off to find the embroidered duvet. The one in my inspiration board is from West Elm and no longer sold online but the sheets are still there for a great price. (I actually found the duvet in our local store but no shams are available ANYWHERE!) I was on Overstock ordering the kids snow suits and happened to do a search for embroidered duvet... I found several good options well under $70! I decided on the Scroll Embroidery set (below) in black based on excellent reviews (plus the scroll looked pretty similar to the Trellis design!) I shipped them straight to my mom's house too and then got the kids and myself packed up!

On my second night home, I finally got a chance to check out the goodies that had been delivered. The duvet was just as promised. Clean, crisp black stitching on a white slightly oversized king duvet with matching shams. It was all aligning perfectly. Until I opened the Dwell package. The shams and pillow cases were out of this world. Great quality, beautiful pattern and great thread count! They were just as pictured except one thing..... the background of both patterns was ivory! Maybe even ecru! Holding them up to the very white duvet I realized that it was not going to work with the duvet. I was sad and I started questioning what to do. I decided to return the duvet and bring the Dwell deliveries home to sort it out.

I started thinking about making my own Olatz inspired duvet like Jenny did here. But it seemed like it might be too much going on. So I threw the pillows on with my old duvet that is slightly off white. It's not horrible but it still bothers me! It is hard to tell in the photos but trust me when I say that there is a noticeable difference in shades. So now I am left wondering where to go from here? For now I am taking the night to soak it all in and see how I feel about it.

Ps - do you remember my striped lampshades that the movers dented? 
How awesome would they be in the master now?

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