Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cha cha cha changes....

Late last week, I got inspired to make some changes to the Master, which led to some other changes all around the house! These are the best kind of changes because they were free aside from the hours of manual labor I put in to make them happen!

The first domino was in my master closet. I have this beautiful painted dresser that was one of my first DIYs. I have always had it in a closet and I have always hated that no one really gets to see it! And I am on a major mission to meet my closet usable and moving this out will give me some. Uh needed space. And here is why it's making it's way out....

My friends, family, and now the entire world can now know that I am an obsessive outfit changer and the results can be seen above. It's a miracle if I walk out the door in the first outfit that I put on. And it wreaks havoc on my closet organization! But more on that to come!

So where could this pretty little dresser go? My initial thought was the kids playroom. I had fuzzy visions of neatly organized drawers of blocks, trains, and puzzles. But alas, I was home alone and I was not even gonna try and get this monster upstairs solo! But I love where she landed... In the dining room! And you will also notice that another couple of items got moved from the Master. I knew that the dining room needed a pop of color and pattern. The emerald green lamps and Dwell pillows seem to do just the trick!

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