Friday, March 15, 2013

Not so Gray thanks to Pinterest!

As I mentioned about 500 times, the prospect of packing for Florida and Utah for both me and the kids was a daunting task. I quickly realized that I needed to find multi purpose pieces that could easily be layered. Thank the Lord I did this because the weather in Florida was pretty darn crazy!

On our first day at Disney's Magic Kingdom, I spent the day in shorts and a light jacket (and lots of very expensive Disney sunscreen thanks to the unexpected warm weather!) But at night, the weather turned really cold! Thankfully, we ran back to the hotel for a quick break outfit change prior to the night parades and meeting up with some friends.

This super cute image popped into my mind as I was throwing on my clothes while Little Man was trying to jump off the bunk beds in our room at the Wilderness Lodge. 

It was a touch too cold to go with the leggings so I paired my gray sweater and scarf with jeans and a navy tank for another layer of warmth but still very much loved the ease and casual look of the outfit! Pardon the horrible iPhone mirror pic :)

Next Friday's fashion post will look at some more of my favorite travel outfits!

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