Thursday, March 28, 2013

No Sew (or Staple) Headboard Update

I showed y'all earlier this week that made some changes in the Master (the Dining Room!) This left me scratching my head about where I should go with the Master. I had a great moment of clarity at the great mecca.... aka Target!

I was strolling thru the drapery aisle and loving the new Threshold offerings. I was a little sad that none of the longer 95 inch lengths are carried in my store but at least I was able to check out the patterns and styles in store. I love to browse the sale endcaps and dig to see what kind of finds can be had! This day was no exception and I found a repackaged package of these Threshold Basketweave panels in a 95 inch length! I quickly threw them in my cart before someone else snatched them up. Did I mention they were marked at $6.99??? I was thinking that these might work for our windows and heck if I ordered one more set I would still be doing good. 

But once I got home another idea popped into my head! Thanks to laying out all of my finds on the bed, I realized that this panel would look amazing on the bed. I started thinking about Euro shams or maybe recovering the bench at the end of the bed.  But I hated the idea of cutting up this panel since I might rather these used on the windows as I progress with the room design. And then it hit me....

I 'draped' the panel over my upholstered headboard and just folded the top corners. Because the headboard is all the way against the wall, I did not even have to staple, glue, or anything! It took about 5 minutes to get it even and looking right and voila! Such an easy update!

The added bonus was that tossing in this navy & silver fabric really made the Ink pillow cases pop out as being navy (which I adore!) I am still working on some more decisions to the other colors to include but I am already loving the change and loving that I can easily pull it off whenever I want!

And now for an up close before and after shot. The change is astounding! What do you think?

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