Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DIY Striped Lampshades

I have gone round and round trying to find the right lampshades for the Living Room. I was ecstatic to make and try the Dipped Paint Stick shades! And while they turned out great, they just weren't quite right for a more formal space and clashed with the bright emerald glass lamps and the Ikat drapes.

I had 2 solid white drum shades that I popped on in place of the paint stick shades and it looked much better. Such an improvement but they needed a little more 'wow'! With all of the other colors and patterns, I knew that I needed a neutral and something more on the classic side. You can't get more neutral and classic than a basic stripe!

2 White Drum Shades
9 yards of 1.5 inch Black Grosgrain Ribbon
Hot Glue
Measuring Tape

Hot glue the ribbon along the bottom of the lampshade beginning with the seam. 

I started off using one long piece of ribbon but since my shades are slightly tapered the ribbon was gaping in places. I decided to use 3 shorter pieces of ribbon to eliminate this issue. I only glued the start and end pieces of the ribbon. No need to glue it all the way around.

The bottom stripe is successfully on! Hmmm.... this looks pretty. Should I stop here?

I taped on the other 2 stripes to see if I should stop or keep going. Loving the stripes! So back to adding the ribbon on the top and middle of the shade.

For the middle stripe, I took a tape measure to place it in the middle. I had 2 3/4 inches on the top and bottom of the ribbon for even placement. So I placed some tape around the shade at these measurements to keep the ribbon even as I glued it on.

I also taped the ribbon on before gluing it down just to be 100% sure it was even!

Above, adding another section of ribbon to keep it from gaping in the middle too. It worked best to place glue on the top section of the ribbon only and then go back and once flat glue down the bottoms.

Repeat the above process on shade number two....

And in less than an hour for less than $10......

And a shot with the drapes in the picture too. I love the pop of the shades!

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  1. I like the stripe shades better for the dining room. They look really good with the curtains.

  2. This is perfect timing for me. I want to jazz up some lamps for our master bedroom! Thanks for posting!

  3. Thanks! I love them more every time I walk by them!