Monday, February 18, 2013

Paint It: Popsicle Mirror

Lately as I have been trying to mix up my fashion after getting Pinspired @ Pinterest Told Me To (I am still loving the red skinnes, green jeans, and coral + army green). I noticed that I was lacking a full length mirror near my closet. And it's kind of hard to put together a great outfit without one! Sure, I have the bathroom mirror but it is really hard to get the full view in those. Since I am a hoarder all that I needed to do was look around the house and something was sure to pop up that would work. Look what I found:

It was a nice mirror. But it wasn't anything fun to look at.  I knew that with a little bit of help thanks to some paint and some popsicle sticks that she could be something really special!

The whole project was crazy easy! I taped up the mirror and gave it a quick coat of super cheap black spray paint. While that was drying, I spray painted the popsicle sticks using metallic spray paint. I used a base coat of gold and then a quick coat of silver to get a nice multi faceted look. Let everything dry overnight. Then lay the popsicle sticks out on the mirror in the pattern you want. I opted for running bond but a herringbone would be awesome! Cut the popsicle sticks as needed to make everything fit. Use the glue of your choice. I chose my go to... the hot glue gun of course! I found that it works best to start on the outside of the mirror when gluing, then the row closest to the mirror and then the middle row. It keeps your lines straighter that way. And voila! I brand new mirror for the cost of popsicle sticks and spray paint! I have the perfect place for the mirror too once I can bride the hubby to hang her!

I am linking up at the Dog Days of Winter Paint It Challenge!

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