Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Honey, I love this Honeycomb Light!

As you may recall, I found this amazing little chandelier a few weeks ago. I waffled back and forth on where it should go and ultimately decided that the dining room it was. I waited till a quiet Saturday, then bribed the hubs with a pizza lunch and he was happy to oblige! Because I bought the store model, there were no directions, screws, or even a box. Thankfully, I have a very resourceful husband with Siri on his iPhone and it all worked out okay!

So what do you think? I adore the crazy shadows that it casts when the light is turned on! 

Now that the light is in place, I am wondering about the mirror. I am all over the place on this room. So much I want to do and not sure where to go next! Maybe a rug?

I fell in love with the Ballard Braided Jute rug and after seeing that it was marked down crazy cheap (ummm... $210 for the 8x10 and $240 for the 9x12), I was thinking that might be the next step. Or would that rug be better suited in our family room? Tune in tomorrow when you finally get to see room 1 on the house tour! The family room!

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