Saturday, June 1, 2013

Skincare Saturday: Exfoliation!!!

I haven't always had the best skin care routines... I never really washed my face or cared what type of face wash or moisturizer I used. Cetaphil was always a safe bet. But one thing that I have always love is a good exfoliating scrub.

I must admit that up until recently, this was my go to. It was super gritty and gave me the feeling of really removing some of that yucky dead skin. I have just recently realized what I had been missing out on!
On the day that my big blue box arrived I could not wait to rip it open and start trying the products! The very first thing that I wanted to get my hands on was the Macro E. I had heard urban legend style tales of results on the first use and I couldn't wait to see if the hype was true!

But before I talk about this nifty little gadget let me take a few steps back. Did you know that humans shed a million dead skin cells every 40 minutes? Pretty nasty right? And dead skin cells make up a majority of the dust in our houses!

So in a roundabout way if I use the Macro E I can dust less and glow more??? 
Anything for less dusting... and better looking skin!

Let me just say that the Macro E exceeded all of my expectations! It did take me a a few minutes to get the hang of it using it but then I was in LOVE!!! I used the Doc Smart setting and it directs you which area to use it on, the direction, intensity, etc. It's basically exfoliation for dummies! Check out this video if you don't believe me.

And as for the results... it's no joke. Noticeable results in just one use! I saw an immediate improvement in my skin's feel, texture, smoothness, and general appearance. I looked totally refreshed and glowing (even with a still not sleeping thru the night 14 month old!) The best way that I would describe the results are fresh, clear, and young looking skin!  And paired with a regimen - the results are even better. I am using the ReDefine and I literally look forward to washing my face in the am and pm. Its the one thing I know that I am doing for MYSELF every day :)

And want to know a crazy secret??? The Macro E also works for stretch marks! I have seen the pictures of a close friend and in just 4 weeks she saw diminishment of lines and skin tightening just with using the Macro E weekly and the Night Renewing Serum nightly. I will gladly share these images... but here is one that I found just from googling.

Um... hello???? Great skin, improved stretch marks, &
less dusting? The Macro E is a no brainer! Here is some more info on the Macro E and how to purchase it!

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