Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A super cute DIY... that I can't hang!

I am linking this DIY up at Serenity Now!

I found this adorable paddle years ago at Home Goods on clearance.... at one point it hung in Little Mans room (with the plain non-worded side showing) and I have had big plans for it ever since. But like everything else, it seemed to keep falling lower and lower in the DIY list. Of course, I would FINALLY complete this project just in time for the relo news and the house to go on the market! So now I have this adorable coat/towel rack that I can't hang! No sense in making more holes in the wall that we have to patch up!

In all his 'surfer' glory! 

The needed supplies: Just a paddle, hooks from Target, and a screwdriver!

I decided that I wanted to five hooks and measured out accordingly to space them evenly (okay - truth be told I really wanted 4 but in the course of my measuring, I somehow messed up and needed to add the 5th to make it all even!)

I put a piece of painters tape across the length of the paddle at the exact height I wanted the top of the hooks to be placed at. Then I set the hooks on the paddle at the designated distances (I did 5 inches apart) and got to screwing them in.

And that's about it! Here is my finished product just leaning!

I have been dying to have a drop spot since we are constantly in a rush out the door for showings and this would be perfect to catch our diaper bags, purses, jackets, etc! So I hung it with Command Strips!

And after 1 light rain jacket and about 5 minutes... I heard a huge bang! Lesson learned! This will be really hung in our new house and it's heading into storage in the meantime so I'm not tempted to try and hang it again!

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  1. This turned out adorable! I cannot wait to see it in your new place. Hope the house hunting is going well.