Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lighting Love

I have been of the hunt for a light fixture to upgrade from our boring basic builder's chandeliers. I have been very slow to pull the trigger because I am trying to take it slow and make sure I am getting something I really love (not to mention at a great price too!)

I am loving the look of the organic, vintage, farmhouse lanterns. And I adore these beautiful lights from Shades of Light! If only I had $500 to drop on one light fixture :(

And no post on dream lighting would ever be complete without me including my ultimate dream light fixture... Circa Lighting's Thomas O'Brien Hicks Pendant. A moment of silence please to enjoy this beautiful work of art!

Okay, back to reality! I got an email that World Market was having 30% off lighting plus an extra 15% for Explorer members. So, I packed up the kids and we headed out to check out some lights! Thankfully, my kiddos LOVE to shop and can easily be bribed with food! I had my eye peeled for a couple of the fixtures that caught my interest online and I was floored to see that the online pictures do nothing for the lights!

It was love at first sight for me... and the Honeycomb Chandelier!

I nabbed the very last one that the store had and it was actually the display! The chandelier is huge... like 2 feet across and 16 inches tall. It will make quite a statement piece and I adore that it's just so different. Oh yeah, and it was just shy of $100!

But I must say that I fell in like with one that isn't quite right for my style but would look awesome in many different settings. Check out this uber chic pendant! The shape was unique and the inside of the shade was a beautiful gold leaf. Yeah - go grab the Black Iron Bell Pendant today if you are looking for a clean mod look at a great price! It was %89 plus the 45% off!

So now the big question is.... where to put it? As we pulled into the house, Little Man excitedly asked if he could skip his nap and help me decide where our new 'light' should go! I love that little dude! I love the light so much that I really want it to go in the breakfast nook so I can see it daily but I know it would be perfect in the dining room as well.....

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