Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shelf it!

I love having the extra storage space that the shelves provide in the play closet but I have grown tired of the maple color (hmm... sounds just like the Master Bath issue!) and since this is a fun space I thought that this would be the perfect place to try something a little different.

 My first thought was solid white and lined with some fun paper... let's see how that works.

Before and filled with toys!

Here is the 'real' before shot. I also took out the extra shelf dividers and 
it has so much more useable space this way!

After a can of Rustoleum Paint and Primer in White. 

This spray paint had great coverage! But really who buys only one can? Yeah - that would be me? So instead of waiting until I could head back up to the store, I decided to try something else (it was about 9pm at this point, kids in bed, hubby out of town, and I really wanted to have a finished product!) So onto option 2 a two toned bookshelf.

I applied painter's tape on the front surface of the shelves so that only the outside would be white. The tops and bottoms of shelves and the back would be painted in leftover Cracked Pepper that was used in the master bath. I got a full coat on and something wasn't feeling quite right. So I peeled off the painter's tape and of course I hadn't let it dry long enough! Lots of the white paint peeled off with the tape! Onto to Option #3...

It's now 10pm and I made an executive decision to paint the front of the bookcase in Cracked Pepper too. Can you tell I was ready to get in bed and have a mostly finished bookshelf? No more pictures that night! A quick coat of paint and hit the hay!

I awoke to find that the third time was in fact a charm for this book shelf!!! And here it is back in the closet. I'm really liking the color and the contrast of the white and the dark gray.

Back in the closet with some toys added back on 

Close up to show the two tones

But wait there is still more to come!!! Notice that something is missing??? It will be added back in tomorrow!

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