Thursday, August 9, 2012

Easy Update for Upholstered Headboard

One of the first and easiest DIY projects I took on was an upholstered headboard for the guest bedroom. I had visions of off white linen and nailhead trim. But in reality, it wasn't all that I was hoping for. The off white linen blended right into the white walls and clashed with the bedding. And the nailhead trim... Well, I only trimmed about 4 inches on the corners! It was brutal trying to get the trim in straight and I broke or bent nearly half of them. But again, life got in the way of doing anything about it.
Here is a somewhat shot of the room from the last couple of years... the big pop was the curtains.

Until a quiet day 2 weeks ago when the kids took a very long nap and I was doing some laundry. I found a fitted sheet that my sister had passed my way from West Elm along with the duvet that currently resides in the guest room. The sheet was a pretty cilantro green pattern and it occurred to me that this might be the perfect pop in the guest room. I draped the sheet over the headboard and loved it!

But it was a nice sheet (my sister might want it back!) and I tend to be indecisive, so I strategically pinned and taped the sheet over the existing headboard. And what a difference it makes! I also moved around some of the furniture and switched out the Ikat drapes for something a bit more neutral. And again, I used stuff that I have to freshen up the room!

An easy and inexpensive change with big impact! And of course no before pictures :( And much thanks to my helper! A 2 year old + a nicely made bed = playtime!

Now to figure out what should go over the bed??? Here are a couple of images that I am considering or maybe just hanging the headboard a bit higher. I have about 6-10 inches that I could gain.

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