Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Magnet Love

I love the stainless steel fridge in the kitchen for its looks.... but I do miss the ability to just a throw a magnet up to hold up important information. Yes, the sides do accomplish this but its not quite as in your face like that! And I need the in your face reminders!

A quickie project answered my needs! As I have mentioned before, I might as well be a hoarder. Oftentimes this comes in handy when I need to solve a decor problem (yet it poses a problem when I have completely stuffed all 5 closets that are in our house! Oh yes and the garage too!) I had a large print of a wine bottle and glass that was in a really pretty frame. I was not a fan of the print so this frame would make the perfect magnet board!

Being that the print and frame were all sealed up tight with that wonderful cardboard backing, I decided to take the easy way out and just use some painters tape to cover the frame and paint directly on the glass in the frame.

Three coats of the Rust-oleum Magnetic Primer and we were in business. A note on the primer: the directions say to make sure to shake can very well and they are not kidding! I really need to add another coat since I am apparently not a very good shaker! Also, I opted to not coat the primer with another paint and it is a great deep charcoal gray.

 Here is the finished product hanging on the first wall you see when you walk thru the garage, to the left is the kitchen and to the right is the dining room/living room. Perfect placement for me to check what I need to be doing for the week!

Of course, so much prettier with the kiddos smiling faces! 

Love the frames finish!

The view from the front door. I really like that it's not as visible from this angle!

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