Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shopping your House

Its no secret that simply changing the location of an accessory can make it feel new. That is one of my favorite parts of decorating! It is also great to be able to change up the scenery of your surroundings without having to spend a dime!

In addition to the pieces that made up the Gallery Wall, a couple of other interesting pieces made there way into Fiona's room. Two of the pieces came in as is, while two required a little bit of work! So let's check them out!

I am a huge fan of shelving in a baby or kids room. With so much "stuff" it really is necessary to have a place to hold some of it. With a crib, changing table, and large rocker we had very limited space in Fia's nursery so I knew that we needed to go vertical for the shelving. I thought about a few shelves placed above the changing table but I am forever scarred from the pain that was trying to get our bar shelves mounted level in the living room! So, I kept on looking... and found just what I was looking for right in our guest bathroom. A ladder that we had been using to hold the extra towels for guests! I adore that it is free-standing and that it os pretty unexpected for a baby's room. The best part? It makes the perfect display for the many pairs of adorable shoes courtesy of my wonderful friends and family!

When I had Little Man, I was like most first time moms and scared to death of SIDS. I heard about a baby monitor that monitored baby's breathing and I knew right away that I needed it. I used it every nap and night until he finally moved to a big bed this year. It was without a doubt the best and most used piece of baby gear that I got. The only catch? You need to have the base of the monitor on a flat surface  within a few feet of the crib. So the search for a small side table began... and ended rather quickly. I opted for this hammered metal drum stool that I got for a steal on The Foundary a year or so ago. I like that its really small, the contrasting metal and the texture. It is also indestructible which is very helpful since Little Man loves to move furniture around (I start em off young!)

I am sucker for lamps so it comes as no surprise that I would be able to relocate one into the nursery. I originally thought that a floor lamp would be ideal but quickly changed my mind as I remembered that a toddler and a floor lamp aren't a great combination! So I set my sights on this little guy. A clearance purchase from HomeGoods several years ago that has never really found the 'right' place. With a quick coat of Champagne spray paint and some work on the shade we were in business. I used the solid sage fabric to recover the shade and trimmed it with white blanket binding and lilac ribbon. A custom look in less than 10 minutes and this perfect little lamp finally has a resting place on the changing table in the nursery!

The last piece that I added wasn't for Fiona at all. It was for the Little Man. I knew that we would be spending quite a bit of time in the nursery and I wanted him to have a little spot in her room where we could have some toys and books. A standard wood and white lap desk was perfect! However, it wasn't in very good shape and I figured why not spruce it up a little. With a sample can of Serena and Lily Hydrangea paint I got to work painting all of the maple colored wood. Two coats covered it great and it's a pretty lilac pink color that I love. I then took the extra lilac ribbon from the lampshade project and hot glued it around the base of the tray to make it look more finished.

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