Monday, July 23, 2012

Admitting Defeat...

Everything was going well in the decorating department for Fia's nursery. I was even shocked at just how decisive I was about every detail which is totally out of character for me! Only one aspect of her room has really thrown me for a loop and ironically it's the one thing I was most sure of when I started her room.... The window coverings!

 The second I read about the DIY Roman Shade, I knew it would be perfect with the fabric I had selected and would look adorable in my little girls room. I even created one for Little Mans big boy room just to make sure I loved it (and I did!) so what went wrong you may ask?

A couple of things...

1. Her window is facing a horrible direction. It is literally full sun all afternoon. So not only is her room super bright but it gets really hot... Like a good 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the house if the blinds in her room are closed tight. So, I cannot pull up the shade. This to me is a huge deal breaker as I love the way the folded shade looks and am only halfway liking the fully extended shade. (you can see the comparison in the pictures below)

2. The window is on the main wall so it along with the Gallery Wall are the very first thing you see. Since we had to leave the blinds hanging in the windows this left us mounting the shade above the window. This created issues with light shining around the sides of the shades and having to come up with creative way to cover the hanging hardware. (again visible in said pictures)

3. Our windows are about 18 down inches from the ceiling. I am a fan of hanging window treatments higher to give the illusion of taller ceilings and windows. This wasn't an option based on the length of the roman shade.

So where to go from here... I need something that will accent the roman shade, provide height, cover the top and side edges (and be cheap and easy to DIY!) Is this a hopeless wish list? Here's a solution that seems to answer YES to all of my needs!

 Source: Domino

Source: Prudent Baby

 Source: Little Green Notebook

So fingers crossed we will have some exciting enhancements to show very soon!!!

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