Monday, July 2, 2012

Halloween in July?

I learned the hard way last year that you must count backwards to plant certain vegetables in your garden and have them ripen at the desired time.

And the biggest one for me was a pumpkin! I really wanted to carve a pumpkin that we grew in our backyard! However, making this realization in September does not give you enough time to grow a pumpkin. So I made note of the approximate timing (100 days give or take) and vowed that next year we would grow our own pumpkin.

Well, the time is upon us to get to planting! So we ventured out back and planted several pumpkin seeds in a little planter.

The biggest surprise? The seeds are just pumpkin seeds - like the kind you cook and oil after carving a pumpkin! I should have known what to expect but it was still shocking to open the pumpkin seed package and see one of my favorite autumn time snacks starring back at me! And it got me to thinking.... could I do the same for a watermelon?

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