Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 5th of July!

Well, we decided to have a little BBQ to celebrate the 4th.... Burgers, hot dogs, mac N cheese, watermelon... yummy! And of course, I needed to add some sweets to the mix!

Of course, the Chocolate Dipped Sparkler Pretzels are making another appearance and I decided to try out something else too. I happened to have a box of Red Velvet cake mix in the pantry that got my mind churning to find something interesting to make. And here is where it landed:

Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies

I followed the recipe (aside from adding one extra egg white!) and the turned out great!
Of course, I forgot to snap a pic until they were almost gone! This was such a better idea than cupcakes which are incredibly messy for the kids to eat and this was the perfect size! You can even change the recipe to make different cake varieties. Next time - I am trying yellow cake with chocolate icing! My favorite :)

As for activities - we had a slip n slide, kiddie pool with slide, and a wacky sprinkler! The best part? Our neighbor had a huge tent that we set up over the pool and sprinkler which made the 90+ degree day not quite so bad!

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