Friday, July 27, 2012

Pelmet Box... Round 2

As I was looking at the pictures of my plain white Pelmet Box, I knew that it needed a little something else. Truthfully, I kind of knew this as I was working on it, but wanted to see it up before I jumped to a decision. So I set off on a google search using 'Pelmet Box DIY' and pinned some great ideas! But there was something about one of them in particular that really caught my eye!

Source: Elle Decor

I love that its a pelmet box and drape combo, that it's white, and that is looks super feminine! I was sold! Now for trying to recreate the look...

So what do we need to make this transformation happen? About 10 yards of ribbon, about a 70 x 20 piece of fabric, hot glue gun, and fabric glue. I lucked out that I found 10 yards of lilac ribbon at WalMart for only $3.00 in the perfect shade so that was all that I spent on this project!

Let's start with the easy part first, the drapes. To help tie the drapes in with the pelmet, I added a single strip of ribbon on the leading edge only. I used the hem line as my guide and fabric glued it right on. I have both panels done in less than a half hour. While those dried for about 2 hours, I turned my attention to the real work!

Since I had already covered (and stapled and taped) my pelmet together I opted to add a second layer of fabric to accomplish the above look. I happened to have another panel of the drapes that worked perfect. Not knowing exactly how much fabric I needed, I laid out the look that I was going for and then added another foot on each side just to be on the safe side. Then I cut the fabric (while keeping my fingers, toes, legs, etc crossed!)

A quick run over with the iron and it was back to more ribbon attaching. Just like the drapes, my first line was following the hem. I then used a ruler to get the second line straight and at a uniform distance. Here is what it looked like after they were both attached.

Once this part was done, there are no real pictures until I finished as it was all fly by the seat of my pants! But here is how it went down!

I laid my fabric piece across the pelmet so that the ribbon edge would just slightly overhang the box making sure to align the middle of the fabric with the middle of the box. Then I hot glued the entire top of the ribbon overlay piece to the pelmet making sure that the fabric stayed flat and even along the bottom as I worked.

I opted to work on the right side first since it butts up to the wall, I figured if it wasn't quite perfect at least its more hidden! I then folded the fabric down to the side, again making sure to keep the fabric flat and even along the bottom. Once I got this pulled tight I glued the bottom of the fabric onto the pelmet. I then folded the fabric back out to the front of the pelmet (essentially creating a single pleat). I ironed and used a tiny bit of fabric glue to make the pleat more crisp. Then I pulled the remaining fabric behind the pelmet until I got the look that I wanted. I preferred the pleat sticking out a little more so I angled the fabric more downward to make this happen. Once you like the look, hot glue the fabric to the back of the pelmet. Now its just a matter of neatly wrapping the fabric at the top and gluing it in place. Repeat on the second side and you are ready to go! Below are a few close up shots so you can see how it went together.

And here she is in the room! The pom-poms have been moved to the other side of the room and now it's just the gallery wall and this beautiful window treatment! I am so glad that I decided on this look and can't believe how easy it actually was! Pardon the photography - the ribbon is photographing really shiny but you get the idea!

UPDATE: This was obviously at our old house and I was devastated at the prospect of not having this window treatment in Fia's room. Thank the Lord - one of the rooms had the exact same size window and my masterpiece found a new home! We had some trouble with the movers getting a little rough with the pelmet but thankfully my resourceful husband and father in law came to the rescue! 

Here is an updated shot of the window treatment and gallery wall in Little Lady's new room. I still adore it and am so happy that I was able to recreate this look and link up with the Dog Days of Winter  Make It Link Up!

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