Friday, July 6, 2012

Animal Cracker Baby Mobile

As I hinted to a few weeks ago, I have been working on a mobile for Fiona's crib. Since we had custom made crib bedding I was having an impossible time finding anything that I liked, that wasn't obnoxious, and in colors that worked with the room. So what's a girl to do? Of course... do it yourself!

There are tons of adorable DIY mobiles out there but most of them are ceiling mobiles and I wanted something for the crib that played music. Obviously, the frame of the mobile was not something that I would make but the rest sounded like just the right thing!

So when I saw this clearance mobile a few weeks ago at Babies R Us, I grabbed it and ran to the check out! For $16 this would make the perfect 'frame' for the mobile AND Little Man is obsessed with the Cars movie so I figured that he would love to play with the little plush McQueen and friends! A real win-win!

First on the list was to remove all of the cars and the blue coverings. I just cut the ribbons from the cars and the blue covering velcroed right off. Super easy! I was left with a solid white mobile frame in less than 2 minutes!

But what to do with it???? Of course I turned to the internet to get some inspiration... and instantly loved the balloons from Restoration Hardware and the DIY

So I checked the house for any paper that might have similar colors to work in her room and no such luck. I was really intent on getting something up that day (we were mid 12 week growth spurt and I was dying to try anything that might help soothe her!) and desperate! Then it occurred to me that I could use a gift bag. So I found a stripe and polka dot paper bag and got started cutting....

But the patterns were just too much since we have so much going on in her room already! I had already cut out the pieces for the 4 balloons (4 pieces per balloon for 16 total) when I made this decision but decided to just go ahead and put it up with the balloons until I found the perfect mobile idea.

So up it went and she loved it!!! So that night I headed over to Etsy and I knew that I would find something wonderful :) And sure enough I did! I searched and found the perfect thing! A set of 4 felt animal cracker cookies! Instant love! Even better? I messaged the seller and she was willing to change the color of the elephant to go even better with our colors!

Animal Cracker Cookies

I was so happy when I received the cookies (from the UK!!) and could not wait to get them up! So last night, I gathered the needed materials and got to work.

4 felt cookies
4 pieces of lilac ribbon to hang the cookies from the mobile
1 package Satin Blanket Binding (you could use any fabric - this happens to match my crib skirt/colors)
Needle, thread, scissors
Wooden Dowel (or pencil) for turning the binding right side out

1. Knot the one side of the 4 pieces of ribbon. This will help it to stay in the cookies.
2. Open a small section on the top middle of each of the cookies.
3. Thread 1 of the ribbons into 1 of the cookies so that the knot is now inside the cookie
4. Sew the cookie closed making sure to stitch thru the knotted ribbon
5. Repeat for the 3 remaining cookies and ribbons.
6. I chose to add a bow at the top of my ribbons where they attach to the mobile. If you choose to do this, you will need 4 smaller pieces of ribbon too. I tied 4 little bows and then stitched them on to the knotted ribbons. Looking back, it would have been easier to tie the bows and then knot the ribbon around the bows.
7. Feed the cookie ribbons thru the mobile.
8. Next is creating the mobile arm covering, you need twice the length of your mobile arm as a minimum. The more fabric the more gathered (or sheared) it will look. Fold your fabric/binding in half and using either a sewing machine or hand stitch, sew the entire length of it.

9. Once completly sewn and secured, you need to turn the fabric right side out. I have a wooden dowel I use for this. Basically place the fabric over the dowel and start pulling until complete. You should have a large tube of fabric.

10. Place the covering over the arm and you are ready to admire your handiwork! I had a great helper :)

And now for the after shots! Loving this and so is Fia!

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