Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paint Dipped Lampshade.... Thanks Pinterest!

I jumped all over the Pinterest Summer Challenge since I really need that extra little push to move from drooling over the pretty pictures to actually seeing a project to completion!

First to do... find the right project to work on! I actually have a list of things to do around the house that goes something like this: finish kids play closet, drum shade for the bar lamp, coffee table re-do, etc, etc! How nice would it be to find a Pinterest pic that would actually let me cross off some of the things on my DIY list?

Well, I finally found it! And yes - I have been like a giddy kid all weekend getting the materials, taking pictures, and getting it completed!

Original Pin for Dipped Version (there seems to be nothing more than image for this one on Pinterest!)
Original Pin for Stained Version

Paint Dipped Lamp Shade

Supplies per shade:
36 Wooden Paint Mixing Sticks
1 Lamp Shade (You could very easily use wooden embroidery hoops as well)
Paint (I used a gallon but a paint sample would be more than enough)
Hot Glue gun

1. The hardest part of this project was gathering the Paint Mixing Sticks. I think that Home Depot and Lowes have smartened up that people are using these for crafts. It took a total of 4 trips to the local stores to get the needed supplies. And yes - I did tell the associate working in the store that they were being used for a craft project and asked how many he would mind if I took. The standard answer? Ten.

2. Start the paint dipping. I started off dipping one at a time.... and quickly moved to doing a triple dip. Once dipped in the paint, I tapped them several times to get the excess paint off and to create a more interesting look!

3. Let the paint sticks dry overnight.

4. Rip the frabric from the lamp shade. I chose to remove the lining as well to be left with a metal shade frame only.

5. Hot glue the paint sticks to the metal frame.

6. Repeat about 35 times!

7. Once all of the sticks were glued and dried, I did another coat of glue to make sure everything was really staying on good.

And for the big reveal.....

This ended up being a really easy project (aside from the acquiring of the paint sticks!) A couple of thoughts.... I opted for a more basic color of paint since I was using it on a bright green glass lamp. I am still loving the super bright neons used in the original example and would love to try it in a kids play room. And back to the paint sticks, Home Depot seems to have the nicest paint sticks made of what seems more like real wood. Lowes and WalMart had the thinner ones that felt more like recycled or pressed wood ones. I used all three of the different ones and I like the variety that it adds. But if you like them to be of more uniform color and shape, stick to one store!

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