Monday, July 16, 2012

Paper Pennant Banner

Since I have yet to reveal Fiona's full room yet, I thought it would be fun to do a whole week of the projects that I completed and then do the reveal on Friday! So here is the first one!

I think that fabric Pennant Banners are absolutely adorable in a baby or child's room. Unfortunately, the fabric we chose for Fia's room was not only expensive, the pattern was railroaded, and it was available in limited quantities so I had to use the fabric sparingly and that crossed the idea of a banner (and curtain panels for that matter!) right off the list for her room.

Fast forward a few months to my baby shower.... As I waited upstairs for the decorating to be finished, I had no clue what wonderful surprises were in store for me! The very first thing that I saw was the beautiful Pennant Banner that my sister had made (oh yeah and it was hanging over a fully stocked candy and cupcake bar!)

I was floored! How did they find the extra fabric to make this? Oh god - it must have cost a fortune! The lilac peacock was perfectly centered on every pennant!!! Amid the chaos of the day - I did not get to chat with my sister about this wonderful surprise. Imagine my surprise when I was taking it down the next day to find that the pennant was made of paper??? What a brilliant idea!

And here is how she did it.

She took my 2 different patterns of fabric (a sage scroll and a lilac peacock) and literally made color copies of them! Each pennant is made from one piece of paper although you could easily get 2 pennants from 1 piece of paper if the pattern on the fabric/color copy allows it. She then traced a large triangle onto the back of the paper and cut them out. She cut 2 small holes into the top corners of each pennant and strung them with a natural colored rafia string for a more relaxed and natural feel. What a super easy way to make such an adorable decoration for a room or party. And because they are copies, you could easily use the same pattern as a tablecloth, napkin, or whatever to go along with a party theme!

I moved them right upstairs into Fia's room following the shower and hung them above her closet. I loved them, but hated that they could only be seen once you walked into the room. So one day as I was hanging in the chair with my lil lady, it hit me... they should be hanging over the crib! Now that the bumpers are down and the mobile is up, her room could really use something more vibrant on the main wall and this was it! And I had the perfect idea to add just a little more personalization to them!

I turned to my trusty old Power Point and printed out the letters to Fiona's name along with a cute little heart in a bright mustardy yellow. I cut the letters out and using double sided tape stuck them onto the pennants.

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