Thursday, January 24, 2013

Playroom Inspiration

I suddenly had a flash of genius a few weeks ago.... and it led me down an interesting path of inspiration for the playroom. Our story starts off with 2 beautifully coordinated fabrics in a lovely shade of yellowy gold. They were selected specifically to be used in a play space. Unfortunately, some other fabrics (Dwell Gate Bella Porte you know who you are!) pushed these plans aside and the Dwell Vintage Blossom made its way to our master bedroom.

I loved the brightness of it against the white bedding but I am itching for something new and it is begging to be reunited with its long lost friend the Schumacher Celerie Kemble fabric (as seen on the DIY bench/ottoman).

The obvious solution? A playroom in lively shades of citrine, browns, and reds! Check out the inspiration behind the room and stay tuned as I DIY it into existence!

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