Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dining Room Baby Steps

On the top of my 2013 list is our dining room. With the new house, we moved from a great room to a separate living and dining room. This was crazy exciting for me but knowing I have a blank slate is so exciting that I find myself even dreaming about the perfect room! Did I really just admit that? Our dining room is really large with two tall windows, a large opening to the foyer, and a small opening with access to the kitchen and family room via a butlers pantry (LOVE!!!) And did I mention those beautiful wood floors? Yes, I am in LOVE with our house!

It just so happens that my in laws are down sizing and the timing coincided perfectly to our move! My wonderful MIL offered up her set of 6 beautiful French style arm chairs. I am not quite sure where they came from but I have seen similar ones on Wayfair for way more than I would imagine spending on a chair!

Source: Wayfair

I was super excited to try them around my rectangular dining table with 2 extensions. It would have been perfect to have that size table in our dining room and oh yeah it wouldnt cost us anything! Plus that table is in desperate need of being refinished so that would have worked too. But because all of the chairs have arms and my table has a long apron and short overr hang, they just don't work together. 

Please excuse the chaos of this room!!! Its been the catch all for everything that has no home yet! 
Also notice my sad lamp shades that are on their way to being totally naked!

The chairs did work with the round PB table (that also needed a new paint job) that was currently in the breakfast nook but a table that would only accommodate 4 in the dining room was not ideal. Another table marked off the list....

I started searching for another table right after we moved in and was quickly reminded just now expensive tables can be! One of the really cool things about our new locale is that there are thrift stores EVERYWHERE! I even checked those out but needing a taller table table to accommodate the arm chairs made any promising option I found not work. I had just resigned myself to using the round table until I found 'the table' when my mom suggested World Market. 

I took a quick look at their tables online and the first one that jumped out at me was the Verona table. The trestle style of the Verona tables are beautiful and I headed into the store to check it out in person and take some measurements to see if the chairs would work.

Source: World Market

Turns out the color was off and the table was too short for the chairs... But I was able to scout out some of the other tables! The Brooklyn table caught my eye right away because it has a metal looking top and the base is a weathered pine which is what the chairs are and the height was just right. But with a $649 price tag, I mentally crossed it off the list.

Source: World Market

Fast forward a few days.... I was just about to have the hubs drag the round table into the garage to start the refinishing process when....

I got this wonderful email from World Market about their annual furniture sale and some crazy discounts of their best sellers. What are the chances that the table I wanted would be included? What do you know! The Brooklyn table marked down to $299!!! Let's just say I was on the phone at 10:01am right after the email crossed my inbox. And thanks to the hubs, Brooklyn moved in with us on Saturday! And let me say that is one heavy table!

Now comes the fun part of positioning it in the room, deciding on the chairs, maybe DIYing a sideboard, and getting some more stuff on the walls! But we have a table and chairs now!

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