Sunday, January 20, 2013

Glass Table is Now Golden

I am so happy that the Dog Days of Winter challenges are happening to keep me on my toes and motivated. I have so much old to me stuff, that picking which one to work on for the Thrift-It Linky Party was more time consuming than the actual project I chose to work on!

We have this metal and glass table from the in-laws which actually matches the bed in one of our guest rooms. I thought that it had great lines but wasn't thrilled about the matchy matchy look combined with the black metal bed. I have been dying to do something to the bed itself but decided that it was better to start small and this little side table got volunteered to be the guinea pig!

The before shot...

The before shot with the twisty cylinder thing removed from the base..

A quick 2 coats of this awesome spray paint...

After the first coat, looking promising!

The second (and upside down) coat looking even better!

The table's new home (next to the matching bed!)

Almost home and looking totally different!

WOW!!! What a difference a coat of spray paint makes on this metal and glass table!

The full room shot with the table LOVING its new home!

And of course, the DIY Entertainment Center lives here too! 
What a great accent with the golden brass pulls.

So now that the table is golden, it has me wondering what in the world to do with the bed? I originally wanted to do it gold but with the table I think it would be too much. Surprisingly, the hubs is not a fan of the gold so that is two strikes against it...

What do you think? I am 100% changing out the twisty things to something a bit more vintage looking, maybe even something gold. But should I leave it black? White? A rubbed bronze? A muted turquoise? What do you think?

Source: Design Kastle

Source: Brunch @ Saks


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