Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Form over Fashion Chairs

While browsing thru my mecca (aka. Home Goods) I saw this set of not so pretty chairs for $79 each! They are almost identical in shape and style to the West Elm slipper chairs which I adore but at oh a third of the price! I happened to be with my mom and aunt and they swooned over them as well! My mom offered to be them for me as a birthday present! You know your old when this is the best birthday gift you could imagine!

Source: West Elm

Here are my chairs. No joke - so close to the WE ones 
(aside from this wild jungle floral fabric!)

The chairs were bought with the intention of reupholstering them or sewing them slipcovers much like these that WE actually sells for $69 a piece!

Well, imagine my surprise when I happened to find two sets of these in a solid charcoal and off white marked down to $9.99 less than a few short weeks after buying the chairs. I like to think of it as fate :)

These chairs and slipcovers have been such a great investment! They have honestly lived in almost every room of our house at one time or another.... 

Occasional seating in the family room...

In there almost forever home, in the great room...

switched out to the dining table in the great room to help with crafting..

And now, they are moving in to the dining room at the new house (for awhile anyways!) But since these chairs are so versatile I am having a hard time deciding exactly how I want to use them. I am leaning towards using them in front of the windows at the heads of the table as seen below. But I feel like they are blending into the tabletop too much.

I popped on the other set that is an off white to see if these looked any better... the contrast with the table works but now they blend into the walls! I even tried to shorten the covers to see if that might help. But still not sold.

It occurred to me that whats missing in this room is a pop of color! So I ran and grabbed my much loved Dwell Citron euro pillows from our bed and bam! While I won't be using this fabric again, I knew right away that this is the answer. As I was writing this post, the idea also crossed my mind to add a seat cushion on back cushion to my chairs much like the WE one. Hey, if I'm sewing might as well go all out right? 

I have also made the executive decision to put together a board for this room before I go any further to help me stay focused and end up with a room I really love!

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