Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pinterest Little Girl Room Inspiration... Check!

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I really do believe that Pinterest was my best friend while I was pregnant with my little girl. I spent hours searching for adorable nurseries to gather ideas of what I was looking for in my perfect little girl nursery (after all, I was going to be spending ALOT of time in that room!)

I happened upon the most adorable customized accessory while scrolling thru one day. I just checked and this image was pinned 47 weeks ago... when I was pregnant and now my little Fiona is peacefully sleeping in her perfect nursery!

I was in love with that little name hanger! And of course, Etsy was the place to get them! I found Lila Frances' shop and was so excited to order one. Oh yeah - except for the fact that we had not yet decided on a name and with a 6-8 week lead time I knew that this would be an addition to the room post baby girl's arrival.

Once I finally got around to ordering the 12 inch wire hanger, it arrived promptly 6 weeks later! I was so excited to get it into her room but I had no clue where to hang it. It's an adorable hanger but not super sturdy so it needed to be somewhere that Little Man could not get his hands on it! I also had no plans to hang any clothes on it because that would block her name so something super light would be perfect to hang it from. And while I was cleaning out our junk drawer after the Peg Board project I found just what I was looking for! Can you guess what it is?

It's a cabinet knob! I had an extra one from a various DIY project and it reminded me of a little door knob that I thought would be perfect to hang the hanger from! Since I needed to give the knob a cute of spray paint, I decided to dust one on the hanger too. I used the same Metallic Champagne that I used for
the pieces of her Gallery Wall. And since I was spraying, I went ahead and touched up a tarnished frame too!

Now it was time to hang the knob, hanger, and frame. I like to keep things super easy and I took that approach here. The frame went up with Command strips. Below that I simply nailed a medium sized nail into the wall and hot glued the knob onto the nail. It doesn't get easier than that! I waited an hour or so to let the knob nail dry and hung the hanger! LOVE!!!!

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  1. This looks adorable! I love the little gold knob it hangs from. Super cute!