Monday, September 24, 2012

Picture This... Tip 5

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone is got to spend some time with their families and friends this weekend. We had a nice weekend... yet we are still waiting on the kids to be 100%. It's wreaking havoc on my sleep!

I had every intention of finishing this little segment up over the weekend but the above mentioned lack of sleep deterred that from happening! This tip is a great one yet it's pretty hard for me to fully put into practice. I am sure that you will have the same problem.

When potential buyers walk into your home you want future buyers to be able to picture themselves in the house... to see their kids playing in the backyard, their furniture filling the house, and many happy meals being prepared in the kitchen and enjoyed around their table! This can be harder for potential buyers to do with your families smiling faces on every surface. I am by no means saying to get rid of EVERY picture in your home but taking some down can really help.

One place where this really worked for me was in the play room (aka the loft). The right top shelf housed about 8 different frames with family pictures. Below that to the right of the stereo is a 12 frame collage frame. So that's about 20 pictures in 2 feet of almost eye level space. Kind of a lot!

I went full force on this space and took them all down (it was also looking a bit cluttered!) I think that it helps make the space look cleaner and I hope that buyers will look at the wonderful play space instead of my explosion of family photos!

PS - One of the hot things to do when your home is on the market is to do a virtual tour online or have very elaborate shots of every room. After all online media is often the first time people will view your home. My mom had a great suggestion that especially for these pictures, make sure that the pictures are down or at least not visible in the final product. Think about it! Here is an online posting of your address and then you are attaching pictures of your family??? Another great suggestion was to skip the pictures in your kids rooms. Again we don't need everyone on the world wide web knowing the sex, ages, and often times your kiddos names! It's sad that we have to think like this but its always better to be safe than sorry!

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