Thursday, September 20, 2012

Keep it Clutter Free...Tip 3

Today's tip is really a no-brainer! And again can be applied across your home (and in your life in general!)

Clutter is probably the fastest and easiest 'issue' to correct in your home. My mind quickly goes to that saying about accessories.... always look in the mirror before you leave home and remove one accessory for a more polished look. Same with the house... Styled and filled shelves are beautiful when looking at design, but when showing your home less is always more.

And to illustrate this I venture once more into our Great Room which is really the room you walk right into from our front door... so lots of pressure to start things off on the right foot! It is a large room meant to hold both a dining table and assorted living room furniture. It also has a great 2 story tall slanted ceiling which makes the room look even bigger! And of course, the beautiful stairway that just screams "Decorate me with garland for Christmas!"

We have our living room set up first and then the dining area further back. We don't use this space as a dining room unless we are having people over... 95% of the time the whole Great Room functions as our computer/craft/blogging area. This is what the room looked like most recently:

DIY Striped Shades on the bar 

West Elm Ikat drapes and right in front of the bar (barely visible) is the Pottery Barn Shane Table. Round and dropped leaf it is a great double duty piece that I have often used behind a couch like a console table. 

Where the crafting/blogging happens when the doors are open! 

Nice and neat when it's all closed!

We started with the bar since it is the big focal point. I cleared everything off the actual bar and the bar shelves. I removed the liquor bottles from the bar shelves and tried to keep it looking simple and clean with a wooden humidor, glass decanter, and 2 sets of stacked glasses.

As for the bar, I was so sad to remove my most favorite lamps but I knew that it was the right thing to do (don't worry - they aren't gone for good!). I then put 3 small pieces on each side of the bar. I went with a picture, a candle in a glass hurricane, and a clock on one side and the M on the other.

And to better fit with the Ballard DIY drapes, I relocated the chairs that were around the table (of course no before of this so use your imagination!) and moved the open back mid century chairs around the table. A simple glass bowl filled with sand and coral finishes off the dining area.

In the living portion of the room, the biggest change came from removing all of the pictures and accessories from the top of the armoire.  Then I moved the couch in front of the window and placed the slipper chairs at an angle. I brought in an old lamp to go on a side table next to the couch. A vintage looking coat/hat rack adds some height to the other side of the couch. The rack was previously in the breakfast nook and worked great to catch our bags, jackets, purses but it was such an eye sore all loaded up that we moved it and plan to keep it bare! To the right of the armoire we added a square ottoman in the same fabric as the Ballard panels in the Dining area. I like how it pulls the 2 spaces together (and hides the huge surge protector!)

View from the kitchen 

I love how cozy the space feels!

The rack was previously in the breakfast nook and worked great to catch our bags, jackets, purses but it was such an eye sore all loaded up that we moved it and plan to keep it bare!

The window behind the couch is actually not centered on the wall. We hung the curtain hardware centered and cover up more wall on the right hand side to even the room out. 

The view from above... I never got to add rugs in here but I know they would have looked 
amazing and helped to define the spaces!

PS - Don't forget to de-clutter the side of your frig, pantry, bathroom and kitchen counters, and even your shower shelves if they are visible! Having a de-cluttered house leaves potential buyers feeling that you have adequate space to store your possessions and that they will too!

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