Monday, September 17, 2012

The big news...

Well, it's official.... and based on the standard response of 'Oh My God I thought you were going to say you are pregnant again!!!'... I better quickly set the record straight.... We are moving!

It has been a whirlwind of job offers, realtors, relocation agents, carpet cleaners, moving companies... I am exhausted just thinking of it all! But very excited for this new opportunity and so proud of my husband for making this happen for our family!

Now comes the real fun, getting our house ready to be on the market (followed by my most favorite thing in the whole wide world... house hunting!) I am slightly concerned thinking about having the house on the market with 2 small kids and a big dog, but I am pretty sure that I am up for the challenge.

Last week (aside from the kids and me having this nasty funk) we moved furniture, changed throw pillows, moved curtains from to room, un-cluttered, and beautified! With lots more to do this week!

So it got me thinking that it would be loads of fun to highlight my top 5 ways to make your house look move in worthy while on the market... and here is Tip #1!

KISS.... Keep it Simple Stupid! Not everyone has the same style or the ability to visually remove pieces from a room to see the potential. You want your house to the focal point while it is on the market.... not your furniture, lamps, accessories, etc! 

Classic, clean, neutral pieces help to make this happen (I immediately think of Pottery Barn when looking for inspiration).

Here is my example:

A few weeks ago I made some changes to the Guest room.... I updated the Upholstered Headboard with a bright green patterned print and moved in our extra bar stools as side tables. It was punchy and fun! But it just didn't feel right when I walked thru the house with my potential home buyer glasses on.

So how to remedy this??? I actually took a trip to Calico Corners on Saturday looking for a charcoal gray fabric to re-upholster the headboard with. I found the perfect fabric.... except it was so perfect that I could not bring myself to cut it to make the headboard. I have earmarked for another project already! Since our to-do list is quickly growing I decided to just take the green off and stick with the original fabric. I also opted to remove the gray striped pillows and to fold the quilt across the bottom of the bed. I borrowed Little Man's #4 pillow and what do you think?

I love it! Still fun and young but it seems much cleaner and simpler by getting rid of those two extra patterns lurking in the room.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I cannot wait to see all of your tips. The bedroom looks great!

    1. Thanks!!! We are super excited and I jokingly told my husband I ran out of spaces to DIY so it was time to make a move!