Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Slow Progress...

Yesterday was a challenge to find much time to keep moving on the dresser... Baby Sissy had some of her 8 wk vaccinations on Monday and has been very unhappy since. So nap times have been unproductive for me. Thankfully - my sister and her daughter dropped by to play so Little Man was ecstatic!

Luckily once the kids finally got to bed around 9 last night I took a bit of time to get the piece all sanded down. No pictures as it looks the same just all smooth now. So today I am hoping to accomplish the priming and then I will be so close to trying out the paint!

I am so excited to FINALLY try something with a bright pop of color! I opted for the Valspar signature paint in semi gloss outdoor. But as I was sanding last night, I got that familiar feeling of doubt on whether I was making the right color choice. My first choice is really bold and vibrant! I did happen to grab a sample of a beautiful shade on navy called Indigo Streamer and I tried it on a test piece last night. I am so indecisive! A story that exemplifies this is that in high school - I was the girl with 2 prom dresses and literally decided the day before which one to wear! 

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