Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Labels

Lately I have been on this crazy organization kick... I am pretty sure it's because I am home all day so I really get to see how unorganized our house is times 24/7! Additionally there is a slight chance that we might be putting our house up for sale and to make that happen we really need to get the house ready and organizing is step 1 for me.

So this week - I started off on a long list of projects. They aren't 'sexy' but they are necessary! The garage, hubby's work bench, my craft/computer armoire, our utility cabinet in the garage, kids closets, the loft shelves, the pantry, and the kitchen cabinets. It's a lot but I have already made some progress.

Today I conquered my armoire and of course - no before picture but let's just say it was very cluttered and all of my supplies were in one large plastic bin. It might it very challenging to grab a paint brush or whatever supply I was looking for. So while I was at Costco yesterday I found a great deal on the shoe sized plastic containers for less than $1 each. I bought 14 of them! I used six for my supplies and the remainder are being used across the house for other projects and posts.

The one thing that I did not buy were cute labels for the containers. I knew that I needed something but its such a pain to drag both kids into Michael's just to look at what they have. So as I was  cleaning out some of the computer supplies I cam across several Avery Labels from Christmas cards a few years ago. I thought why not.... I have a can of chalkboard spray paint maybe I can make chalkboard labels. And what do you know - SUCCESS!

1 can of Chalkboard Spray Paint
1 page of Avery Labels
Some chalk

I literally just sprayed 2 thing coats of the chalkboard paint onto the labels letting it dry for about an hour between coats.

I then waited about 3 hours before applying the labels to the containers and writing on them.

And that's it!

Check out the finished product. I still have a bit more work on the armoire but its more of decor than organization.

PS - I love them so much that I added a label to the galvanized bucket I use to hold my thank you cards and stamps!

PPS - Shipping confirmation on the RH pulls shows a delivery date of tomorrow. I am so excited!

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