Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Kid Friendly Wall Display

Little Man LOVES to color and produces masterpieces on a daily basis! I love for him to be able to see his handiwork displayed but with a stainless fridge (and a clutter free OCD mom) I needed to find somewhere to hang his work that wasn't front and center.

We have a long and narrow closet right off the kitchen that was our catch all for junk and storage. I got a wild hair one day and cleaned it out. After tossing/reorganizing/etc I was left with an adorable little play space! I have some more plans to further improve on the space but for the meantime its a great place to keep the kiddo toys and for Little Man to play and see his art displayed. I was looking to find a cheap and easy way to make the space more colorful too!

This is my view from the kitchen sink!

Little Man playing!

I came up with this super easy art display! So easy - that I again did not take pictures until the end result!

Bouncy Ball Wall Display

A Package of brightly colored rubber bouncy balls
A Package of Wooden Clothespins
Hot Glue Gun
A Level

The hardest part of this project for me was the measuring! I measured out the total length of the wall that I wanted to cover and then divided it into equal portions. For me - that was 7 balls and 6 sections of string between them. I then used a level and measuring tape to mark out the places on the wall where I needed the nails placed. And then I hammered the nails into the wall.

I then took the string and knotted it around the first nail. I knew that I wanted the string to be loose and hang down a bit between the balls. I used that first section as a guide for the rest of the string sections and just knotted the string at that increment 7 times in the string. Then I placed the knots around each of the nails. 

Now for the fun part! I used a nail to make a small hole in 7 balls. Using my hot glue gun, I placed a small dab of glue on the ball and quickly stuck it to the nail in the wall and held it there briefly while the glue set. Repeat times 7 and you are finished!

I chose to hang some Letter flash cards as well and we switch them out so Little Man also gets to learn while playing!

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  1. So cute! I luv how you can keep an eye on your little guy from the kitchen! And when playtime is over...just shut the door...very clever.